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a writing archive
The works will be organized alphabetically by series, in order of newest to oldest. Anything under 100 words will not be listed. But then again, I am a rambler, so I have yet to write anything under 100 words xD Oh hell, if I wasn't a rambler I wouldn't be a writer, right? :)

Some warnings and such here~Collapse )

And the stories are beneath the cut~!Collapse )
Title: Dancing by Firelight
Chapter: Six
Rating: T
Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters: Urameshi Yusuke & Hiei
Word Count: 3301

Yay! Another chapter! :D Now that the chaos of the holidays and birthdays has passed, it's time to get myself writing again! :) I had about 500 words of this sitting around since November, so I'm glad to have finally finished it. Oh, the small victories~

Either way was fine with the fire demon. Though honestly, he was more in the mood for killing as of right now.Collapse )

You can find the rest of the chapter here at Fanfiction.net :)
Title: Living Human
Chapter: Three
Rating: T
Series: Bleach
Characters: Kurosaki Ichigo & Hitsugaya Toshiro
Word Count: 3960

And here, finally, is chapter three :) I've had some of it written for a long time, but I finally finished it up and posted it. I'm very happy, as this chapter was actually quite easy to write. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it :)

If Ichigo was anything, it was protective of those he had come to view as valuable friends.Collapse )

You can find the rest of the chapter here at Fanfiction.net :)
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